Tom Brady is no Jim Plunkett

Everybody loves a good quarterback argument.

Here's a list that endeavors to provide a definitive answer to the following question, but probably will get folks yapping at each other: Who is the greatest Super Bowl quarterback of all time?

Cold, Hard Football Facts kingpin Kerry J. Byrne rolls out all the statistical data from the 20 quarterbacks who've played in more than one Super Bowl and ranks them purely on how they performed on the biggest stage.

Reputation doesn't matter one iota. That's why Jim Plunkett is slotted waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of John Elway.

Byrne breaks them down into four categories -- Legends, Champions, Cling-ons and Gimps -- and backs up the ranking, complete with a spreadsheet that lists all of their stats.


1. Joe Montana

2. Terry Bradshaw

3. Jim Plunkett

4. Troy Aikman

5. Bart Starr


6. Tom Brady

7. Brett Favre

8. Roger Staubach

9. Kurt Warner

10. Len Dawson

11. Peyton Manning


12. Bob Griese

13. Ben Roethlisberger

14. John Elway

15. Joe Theismann


16. Jim Kelly

17. Fran Tarkenton

18. John Unitas

19. Earl Morrall

20. Craig Morton