Out of Office AutoReply: I'm not here

There's no better way for a blogger to rejuvenate himself after a grueling football season than with a mud bath and a blanket wrap at Bristol Springs Spa.

That's where my bosses have been kind enough to send me for a few days to recover from the Super Bowl and get reinvigorated for next week's NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis.

I'll be away from the blog until Monday, and that means my weekly AFC East chat will be exfoliated from Friday afternoon's schedule.

But be sure to check back on the blog throughout the next few days. ESPN.com's blog editors, doing Kirk Gibson fist pumps since learning I will take my first consecutive days off since July, will be posting material while I'm away.

Look for a couple of articles by Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson. He will rank the AFC East's defensive backfields and give his take on why tight ends never seem to make an impact in the division.

The editors will keep you plied with links and post any video clips or podcasts they come across. I also will have an AFC East mailbag posted over the weekend -- probably right about the time I'm getting my eyebrows waxed.