Report: Infection ravaged Brady's knee

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Last week, CBS Sports analyst and former NFL general manager Charley Casserly reported New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is off antibiotics, the knee infection was gone and rehabilitation was on schedule.

Not so, reports Tom E. Curran of NBCSports.com.

Curran, citing an unnamed league source, writes that while Brady's infection might be gone, it didn't clear out until after it ravaged Brady's injured left knee and delayed his rehab timetable.

Matt Cassel, alert your accountant.

Brady tore the medial-collateral and anterior-cruciate ligaments in the season opener. He underwent surgery on Oct. 6, but Curran reports the ligaments remain loose because of the infection and another surgery will be needed to strengthen them.

If Brady chooses to have another follow-up surgery, he wouldn't be able to play in 2009. If he chooses to forego the surgery, he'll play on a feeble knee and require a bulky brace.

Curran also reports scar tissue has built up in Brady's knee, putting rehab significantly behind schedule. Curran's source said the scar tissue is limiting the knee's mobility and will need to be surgically removed.