Kraft weighs in on Wilfork, Moss, Brady

INDIANAPOLIS -- A fellow can't go out for a Buffalo chicken sandwich and watch the U.S. Olympic hockey team without AFC East developments unfolding.

That's right. I came all the way to Indianapolis to eat something drenched in Buffalo sauce and to watch a hockey game.

While I was taking a break from my NFL scouting combine research Wednesday afternoon, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters the club is "very close" to re-signing nose tackle Vince Wilfork, responded to Randy Moss' recent comments that 2010 will be his last with the Patriots and said there's no rush to give quarterback Tom Brady an extension.

"We have a budget we've set for next year," Kraft said in an item dispatched from Boston Herald reporter Karen Guregian. "Our first priority is with Vince. I think we've had some positive discussions. We're very close. I hope we can conclude it soon."

Kraft also provided his take on Moss' quotes from over the weekend in which he said he doesn't expect the Patriots to extend his contract when it expires after the upcoming campaign.

"I didn't interpret what he said as anti-Patriot," Kraft said in a blog from the Boston Globe's Albert Breer. "He’s a smart business man too. He's getting himself positioned."

Kraft did, however, disagree with Moss' declaration "the Patriots don't really pay" well.

"In any of the family businesses we're in, we don't go out and just try to spend money and always be the highest spender," Kraft said. "We want to win. If you look collectively at an aggregate basis, we spend to be competitive, but also anyone in your readership that has run a business knows that just spending wildly doesn't mean you're doing the right thing. You want to spend wisely and you want to spend with the right people."