Interceptions don't prohibit Pro Bowl invites

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
In last week's AFC East mailbag, several folks asked how in the world Brett Favre could get into the Pro Bowl with so many interceptions. And that was before he threw three more in Sunday's 24-17 season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins at the Meadowlands.

The short answer is Favre was awarded the honor for his legacy and certainly not his pedestrian season with the New York Jets.

He finished with 22 touchdown passes and a league-high 22 interceptions.

One reader wanted to know what the NFL record is for most interceptions in a Pro Bowl campaign. Some might be shocked to learn Favre's not even close.

Here is the rundown, courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau, with asterisks to denote whether the interception total led the league:

  • 27: Drew Bledsoe, Patriots, 1994*

  • 26: John Hadl, Chargers, 1972*

  • 25: Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, 1979

  • 24: Dan Fouts, Chargers, 1979

  • 24: Dan Fouts, Chargers, 1980

  • 24: Dave Krieg, Seahawks, 1984*

  • 24: Brett Favre, Packers, 1993*