Bills quiet on first day of free agency

I feel badly for my Buffalo Bills readers because I haven't had much to share Friday.

The rest of the AFC East has been publicly active.

What happened at One Bills Drive?

All we've heard is a report Kansas City Chiefs free-agent offensive lineman Wade Smith is in town for a visit.

While this might be disappointing to Bills fans who were hoping for big transactions at the start of free agency, this wasn't unexpected. New general manager Buddy Nix said from the moment he was hired the Bills would rebuild through the draft, not free agency.

Here is what Nix had to say at his introductory news conference on New Year's Eve:

"I've seen it done both ways over a number of years," Nix said, "but free agency to me should be middle-priced to below-priced guys, not the high-dollar guy that's going to bring you the big bang when you sign him.

"That money ought to go to our guys that played good and you reward them by extending them and keeping them around. We know what we got. Let's build that way. Let's make that team know that we're going to do that.

"Then we take places that we're weak after the draft and plug in guys. They don't have to be star players."