Will Dansby's impact match the dollars?

For those Dolfans celebrating their team's signing of inside linebacker Karlos Dansby, the cops just showed up at the front door to tell everybody to simmer down.

ESPN Insider analyst KC Joyner is the killjoy.

He takes this view of the Dolphins giving Dansby a blockbuster five-year, $43 million contract with $22 million in guarantees:

There is very little to indicate that Dansby will be a significant upgrade over the recently released Akin Ayodele. Dansby is somewhat better at stopping the run (he has historically graded out around 5 percentage points higher than Ayodele in "point of attack" win percentage), but that really doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Inside linebackers usually see around 100 to 150 POA blocks a year, so a 5 percent increase here means that Dansby will stop somewhere between five to eight runs that Ayodele wouldn't have.

But Joyner does note Dansby is two years younger than Ayodele and a much safer bet than drafting an unproven linebacker such as Rolando McClain with the 12th overall pick.