Favre doesn't need to redeem himself

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Brett Favre isn't making excuses or apologies.

Favre, in an interview Wednesday with ESPN's Ed Werder, sounded satisfied he had given his all to the New York Jets even if he wasn't satisfied with the outcome.

And for those who believe Favre will be back because he can't leave the game with such a foul ending, think again.

Favre helped lead the Jets to an 8-3 record and had much of the football world buzzing about a return to the Super Bowl, but they won once in the last five games, with Favre throwing two touchdown passes and nine interceptions.

"I have the ability to turn it off just like that," Favre told Werder. "I don't feel I have anything else to prove. Do I have to redeem myself for the last five games? No. I could be trying to do that until I'm 60 years old. There is nothing left out there for me from that standpoint. I'm disappointed with the last five games, sure, but I know I did everything I could have."

Tests after the season showed Favre was playing with a torn biceps in his throwing arm.

"I didn't play as well down the stretch," Favre said. "It was probably a little bit of everything. It's hard for me, but I have to say I gave out down the stretch."

But Favre added: "I'm not going to make any excuses. If I'm going to play, then I have a responsibility to play at a high level, and I just didn't get it done. I tried to be the best leader I could be, do all the right things and, as I look back, I have no regrets. I wish we would have gone farther, but I did all I could."