Jets owner's outburst still resonating

The kerfuffle from New York Jets owner Woody Johnson about the NFL's unobserved coin flip still is falling out.

Johnson released a statement to express his displeasure over the way NFL commissioner Roger Goodell selected the New York Giants to open the new Meadowlands Stadium on Sept. 12. But the Jets seem to keep collecting consolation prizes.

The NFL previously announced the Jets will host the first preseason game in August and the Monday night opener Sept. 13.

New York Daily News writer Gary Myers reports the Jets have been awarded a Thanksgiving night game.

But in a separate story, Myers also writes that Johnson's whining might hurt the Meadowlands' chances of landing the 2014 Super Bowl.

Myers, citing an unnamed league source, notes New Jersey had been considered the favorite to be the first open-air, cold-weather Super Bowl. The Jets and Giants would work together as the host teams.

From Myers' story:

A source familiar with the conversation between the two teams and the league office regarding the controversy over the opener outlined the problem now facing the Giants' and Jets' attempt to get the game at the new stadium:

Johnson questioned the authority and integrity of the commissioner, who has been very supportive of the New York bid. Goodell also has strong support among the owners, who are fully aware of Johnson's attack on the commissioner for conducting the coin flip with neither co-tenant present, and may back off their support of the bid as a sign of support for Goodell.