Favre blends past, present and future

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

CLEVELAND -- Brett Favre's first day with the New York Jets began with a media monsoon.

Then came the actual monsoon.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback finally joined his new team Thursday, ending weeks of speculation and public infighting.

The lightning and rain that caused an hour-long delay in New York's preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns was a fitting backdrop to end of a bizarre series of events. Overall, the day was about Favre's past, present and future.

First came the past.

Favre clarified what he thought went wrong in Green Bay before dozens of local media and national media. Favre was frank, saying both sides were at fault. He called it a "soap opera" and admitted it made for great media fodder.

The future Hall of Famer also admitted that, if he couldn't play in Green Bay, he wanted to stay in the division to get back at his former team.

"Maybe that was a little vindictive nature or whatever. But I realized that was not going to happen," Favre said.

Then came the present.

Favre had a lengthy talk with Jets head coach Eric Mangini that delayed his press conference approximately 35 minutes. He met his new teammates for the first time and jogged onto the field with a different team for the first time in 16 years.

Favre held a Jets jersey (No. 4, of course) and donned a new cap. He didn't look all that strange because green is the primary color for both his former and current team. The goal also is the same.

"I'm here for one reason," Favre said. "Not to do commercials and Broadway and all these things. I'm here to help the Jets win, and that's why they got me."

Now comes the future.

How will Favre fit in? Will the offense format to his skills or will he have to adjust? How ready is Favre after missing all of training camp up to this point? Can he handle the heat of the New York media?

"Green Bay is a small market, but is there a bigger team?" Favre asked back Thursday. "I played in front of a lot of media, been in big games, won big games, lost big games."

Favre's whirlwind day began in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, wound up in the New York metropolitan area to see the team's facilities, then to Cleveland to join his teammates.

The first day as a Jet didn't go as expected. He watch one offensive and one defensive drive before being forced to run back into the tunnel with the rest of his teammates, only to come out an hour later.

But Favre's entire exit from Green Bay has been a journey through the unknown, so it's no surprise.

"To a certain degree, I really don't know what I'm getting into," Favre said.

The same is true for the Jets' organization, who will either hit a home run or strike out with the biggest and most publicized trade of the season.