Parcells declares intention to remain with Fins

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
The reporters who cover the Miami Dolphins had to love reading the New York Post and New York Daily News on Saturday.

The Miami media can't get Dolphins football operations boss Bill Parcells to share insight on even the most minor Dolphins topic, let alone provide any definitive answers about whether or not he will remain with the team.

Parcells has spoken to Dolphins reporters twice that we know of: at his introductory news conference in December 2007 and at a contractualy obligated promotional event for Gatorade in June 2008. The latter was for three local print reporters. Radio and TV outlets were shut out.

But Parcells had no trouble getting chatty with Gary Myers of the Daily News and Steve Serby of the Post.

After parrying with three Dolphins reporters this week at the Senior Bowl about his future with the Dolphins, Parcells gave Myers the most insightful comments yet about his future with the Dolphins.

A clause in Parcells' four-year contract gives him a 30-day window to leave the team with his money paid in full and with no restrictions on joining another NFL team if Wayne Huizenga were to sell the team. Stephen Ross took over on Tuesday.

"My intention is to do what I've been doing," Parcells said. "I think we will have ample time to figure each other out. I'm very optimistic. I've had two or three meetings with Steve Ross, and he seems to be a guy who wants to do things the right way. There will be a period of adjustment. He's got to find out about the business. We are going to try and make things work. I'm not doing this forever."

Parcells also told Myers that he had a meeting with Ross on Friday and that general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Tony Sparano attended.

Serby's column dealt exclusively with Parcells' opinion of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

"In our organization, we don't have anybody that's not a football guy," Parcells said. "We want football guys with us. That's what he is. That's why I thought he'd be a good fit here."

Parcells hasn't said that much on the record about his own head coach in eight months. And a lot has happened in eight months.

Parcells interviewed Ryan last year for the Dolphins' head-coaching vacancy. The job eventually went to Sparano, who essentially was handpicked from Parcells' last staff in Dallas. But Ryan made a big impression.

"I saw myself," Parcells said. "That's what I was. I could see it.

"I've been in this business a long time now. Some guys are football guys. Some guys are in the football business, but they're not football guys. They act like their job says football but they're in it for a paycheck.

"This guy's a football guy, and I could smell that.

"He didn't talk about whether he's gonna get two cars or one car, or am I gonna do a TV show? ... 'Can I get players and are we gonna be able to win?' I just liked him because I just sensed what he represented and what he wanted to accomplish."