Jets' Clemens accepts backup role

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

CLEVELAND -- Unproven quarterback Kellen Clemens did a lot of talking Thursday night.

And Brett Favre -- a future Hall of Famer -- did most of the listening.

It was another odd scene during an eventful day. Clemens, a three-year veteran, spent most of Thursday's preseason game against the Cleveland Browns tutoring Favre, who has 17 years of experience, on the nuances of New York's offense.

"It's different, it really is," Clemens said afterwards. "It's a situation here, for a little bit, where I'll be hopefully doing some teaching. Then, obviously, I'll be doing a whole lot of learning."

Clemens said Favre had a lot of questions on the team's offensive philosophy and terminology.

Soon enough, Clemens' teaching will fall by the wayside. Other than learning the plays, there isn't much Clemens can teach Favre about the game of football.

Favre will have to be a quick study. He missed all of training camp up until this point and is expected to lead the Jets to postseason contention this year.

Clemens said it's a positive situation overall and that he is accepting of his backup role on the team.

"It's no big deal,'' Clemens said. "We'll roll with it, and like I said, you don't get an opportunity to play with a guy like that very often.''