Clausen, Tebow are fits in AFC East

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay previously predicted the first round could turn on the ninth pick, which the Buffalo Bills own.

That slot will be significant because he forecasts the Bills will have the difficult decision of taking Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen or letting him go to fill their greatest need: offensive tackle.

"Buffalo, that's where I think it comes out," McShay said.

In a video segment that projects where the top quarterbacks will land, McShay predicted the Bills will pass on Clausen and select Iowa tackle Bryan Bulaga instead.

"Their offensive line need is so enormous that it's hard to draft a quarterback at that point," McShay said, "and you can't protect him."

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy quite likely will be gone by the time the Bills go back on the clock with the 41st pick. But they could snag University of Florida star Tim Tebow there.

If the Bills leave Tebow on the draft board, then McShay envisions the New England Patriots taking Tebow with one of their three second-round picks.

With Tom Brady the unquestioned leader in New England, "there's no concern about having to play Tebow right away, which is great for Tebow," McShay said. "It would not surprise me ... in those three second-round picks if Tebow became a Patriot."