49ers find good value in Ginn

49ers Acquire Ginn From Dolphins For Pick (2:14)

San Francisco acquired Ted Ginn Jr. from Miami for a fifth-round pick in this year's draft (2:14)

NFC West commandant Mike Sando reached out to Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson to get his take on the Ted Ginn trade.

The Miami Dolphins sent Ginn to the San Francisco 49ers for a fifth-round draft choice. Ginn was a disappointment as a receiver in Miami, given that he was the ninth selection of the 2007 draft. But in San Francisco his primary role will be to return kicks.

Here's part of what Williamson told Sando (click here for the whole shebang):

Giving up a late-round pick, it's a home run even if Ginn does exactly what he did in Miami. A lot of times these kids who are high picks hit bottom. Bill Parcells didn’t like him. He didn't play tough. He steps out of bounds. He is not a banger. He's a finesse, speed guy. I'm sure Mike Singletary isn't going to love that, either. But maybe you get a change of scenery and say, 'Yeah, maybe I do need to toughen up, lower my shoulder, do those types of things.'

Ginn is a smart kid. He might realize this is his last chance. You step back, change your ways and there are far less expectations.

In Miami, he was a deep threat with Chad Pennington as his primary passer most of the time. Not that Alex Smith is Jay Cutler or anything (in terms of arm strength), but it's not Ginn's fault the quarterback can't throw the ball 55 yards down the sideline. The 49ers get him for next to nothing and if he is one of the top five returners in the league, which he is, it's a good deal.

Williamson raises a good point about Ginn being handicapped a little by Pennington's arm strength.

But it should be noted Ginn's best season was in 2008 with Pennington. Ginn had 56 receptions for 790 yards and two touchdowns, all career-highs.

Last season, with strong-armed Chad Henne at quarterback, Ginn's numbers dropped (pun intended). He had 38 catches for 454 yards and one touchdown.