Closer AFC East look at blogger mock draft

ESPN.com's eight division bloggers put our heads together and, while generating about two volts of brainpower, came up with our official Blog Network mock draft.

Each of us selected for the four teams we cover, passing the list around and choosing from the players left on the board when a team went on the clock.

Every pick includes the blogger's rationale for making it.

9. Buffalo Bills: Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame quarterback. There was a run on offensive tackles. Three already were off the board. The Bills will have the option to take the best player at several positions, including nose tackle and wide receiver. But they're so lost at quarterback, they might not be able to pass up on Clausen.

12. Miami Dolphins: Dan Williams, Tennessee nose tackle. This was an easy one. The Bills might take Williams, but if he's there when the Dolphins get their first turn, then he'll be attractive. Now that the Dolphins have Brandon Marshall, nose tackle is a glaring need. Jason Ferguson will be suspended for the first eight games, and reserve Paul Soliai isn't talented enough to handle such a crucial position.

22. New England Patriots: Sergio Kindle, Texas outside linebacker. The deeper you get into the draft, the more you're taking stabs in the dark. Every spring, a prospect the experts figured to be long gone seems to slide into this area. But I went with Kindle because he fits the Bill Belichick prototype for this position. ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi, who knows how the Patriots think more than almost anybody, made a compelling case for Kindle.

29. New York Jets: Taylor Mays, USC safety. Mays will be tough to pass up if he's still on the board, and he was in our mock exercise. The Jets need a safety after trading Kerry Rhodes to the Arizona Cardinals. Aside from getting younger on the defensive line, they've addressed almost every other need via trades or free agency. But Mays is a position they can insert into the lineup right away.