'PTI' examines the Ireland question

"Pardon the Interruption" co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon attempted to answer the question of whether the controversial question Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant about his mother being a prostitute was in bounds.

Michael Wilbon: That's not an interview question. That's insulting. That's demeaning. If Dez Bryant had gotten up and turned the desk over on this guy, that would have been in bounds, too. If he had knocked his head off, where I come from, that would have been fine. You know, Tony, when I talk about the NFL arrogance, this is what I'm saying. ... I'm talking about the feeling that you can say anything, do anything and there are no consequences. It disgusts me.

Tony Kornheiser: This is a league that hands people out Wonderlic tests, which supposedly measure a whole bunch of things. Do you think it's possible in an interview like that to gauge what kind of person they would be getting in Dez Bryant, that they wanted to see his reaction, that they wanted to see if he would turn over the table?

MW: And suppose she was. Then what?

TK: Well, yeah. That's what I'm thinking. So what? He's still got to catch passes. What does it matter? If I were Dez Bryant in that situation, I might say "I hope these people don't draft me because I never want to play [for] them." And I would point out that there are many, many children who come from terrible parents who turn out to be great adults themselves -- and the reverse is true. Many terrible children come from great parents.

MW: So what is [Ireland] getting at to ask that question unless to provoke?

TK: I think it is strictly to be provocative.

MW: And, by the way, wouldn't this seem to you -- because it seems to me -- it would violate the conduct code in a league? Wouldn't somebody want to address that? It's highly offensive.

TK: I can't imagine anybody standing up and saying "That was a good question."