Faneca: 'Time heals all wounds'

The folks over at SportsRadioInterviews.com have transcribed an interview former Jets guard Alan Faneca did with XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix.

Faneca, who signed with the Arizona Cardinals this week, confirms the report he was out to dinner with teammate Nick Mangold when he got the call from Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“That is how it went down," Faneca said. "We went out to dinner and that’s what happened. Rex called me shortly after they made an offensive lineman pick, and you know, he just kind of… he knew I knew and had heard the rumors, so it was kind of already there. It was a very hard decision for him, and a very hard phone call for the both of us.”

When asked if jettisoning Faneca would damage the locker room chemistry the Jets had built last year, the nine-time Pro Bowler replied, "Yes and no. I mean, time heals all wounds. So those guys will get over it and we’ll stay in touch, and they’ll get over it and get back to football things. They’ll be able to move forward."

Faneca admits he was surprised the Jets released him.

"All of a sudden, you’ve been in the NFL for 12 years and now you suddenly don’t have a team," he said. "So it’s definitely a weird feeling.”