Is Chad Henne franchise material?

Chad Henne is entering his second season as starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

But can Henne be a franchise quarterback?

Three analysts tackled that question Thursday on NFL Network.

Solomon Wilcots: "If you're going to be a franchise quarterback in the National Football League, you've got to bring your team back and win games in the fourth quarter. ... Chad Henne has shown some of the things you want to see. He's got a wonderful arm in terms of arm strength. He has great accuracy. But the ability to bring your team back and win games in the fourth quarter, the ingredients are there with time to bake the cake."

Rod Woodson: "The definition of a franchise quarterback is that he has to be able to take the team on his shoulders late in the game, a la Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees. Knowing that they have the football late in the game, the defense is in trouble. I think Peyton Manning has his Ph.D. in franchise quarterbacking. Chad Henne is in pre-K right now. He's learning how to get there, but he has all the ingredients like Solly said."

Muhsin Muhammad: "That's a prestigious honor to hold, to not be just the starter, but the franchise? You have to put in a lot of work, years after years after years to get that reputation. He's got all the tools, but can he put the team on his shoulders? It's yet to be seen."