Wes Welker explains shoulder injury

Wes Welker has answered myriad questions about his surgically repaired knee, but we haven't learned hardly a thing about his torn rotator cuff.

Boston Herald reporter Ian R. Rapoport examines the shoulder component of Welker's offseason recovery after talking to the New England Patriots slot receiver Sunday. Welker explained how it happened, why nobody knew about it and why the surgery didn't happen sooner than March.

"We've been rehabbing two things at once," Welker said. "We're making a lot of strides in both places. We had to [operate on] the knee, but we couldn't do them both at once, because I had to use crutches. So we had to wait until I could walk to do the shoulder."

News of Welker's torn rotator cuff was a shock. He already was rehabbing from torn ACL surgery when his shoulder went under the knife.

Welker told Rapoport he injured his shoulder while attempting to make a tackle on an interception. He noted he wasn't bothered enough by the discomfort to make the shoulder an issue, which probably is why it never appeared on the injury report.

"I didn't know about it," Welker said. "You know what I'm saying? It was bad, but it wasn't, like, [devastating]. I didn't really tell anybody about it. It was bothering me, but it wasn't to a point where it was, like, 'I can't go.'"