Mike Nolan could be Miami's best pickup

The collection of distinguished players the New York Jets assembled over the offseason is tough to match.

But you want to compare just the top two players any club acquired, then the Miami Dolphins would be in the discussion with receiver Brandon Marshall and inside linebacker Karlos Dansby.

And if you want to consider newcomers not in uniform, then it would be difficult to find teams that had better offseasons than the Dolphins.

The reason for that is defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson talked with players and analysts about what Nolan will mean for Miami.

"Nolan does more things than [previous defensive coordinator] Paul Pasqualoni,'' said defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday, who played under Pasqualoni in 2008 and under Nolan with the Denver Broncos last year. "Coach P wasn't as experienced a coordinator.

"Nolan blitzes more than Pasqualoni and he'll attack people as long as you don't give up the big play. The Dolphins' success will depend on the secondary holding up one-on-one. Nolan is really good, a guy you want to play for.''