Buffalo Bills' weakness: Quarterback

The Bills’ biggest weakness is at the most important position on the field, which is more than likely going to guarantee them a top-five pick in next year’s draft. What is hard to understand is that even though the team knew this was the biggest concern coming into this offseason, Buffalo did very little to upgrade.

Trent Edwards returns as the starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick as the backup and then the third spot will be settled in camp between Brian Brohm (who filled that role last season) and rookie seventh-round pick Levi Brown.

Quarterback is one of those positions where you need leadership at the top and really even from the backup spot, and that is lacking when you look at the situation in Buffalo. The players don’t believe Edwards is the guy and they don’t believe Fitzpatrick can come off the bench and make the situation better.

Edwards’ physical tools do not look like they have translated from the college to the pro level. He does not show the consistent arm strength to drive the ball down the field in adverse conditions. Lee Evans is one of the best vertical threats in the NFL, but Edwards just flat out can’t get him the ball in the vertical passing game. The game often still appears to move too fast for Edwards. He is not quick to go through his reads. He holds the ball too long, struggles to get through his progression and either forces the ball into traffic or takes unnecessary sacks.

Fitzpatrick played a lot last season because of Edwards getting nicked up and being ineffective. Fitzpatrick often was more effective because he can move around behind the line of scrimmage with a shaky offensive line in front of him. He is a guy who made a lot of plays running the ball. He is very cerebral quarterback who overall made good decisions when the game was in doubt.

Brohm played late in the season and does not have a lot of upside. Brown is going to take some time to develop -- if he develops at all.

Overall, when you look at the Bills’ QB situation, it is one of the worst in the NFL from top to bottom.