Keller would eat Obama for lunch

Dunkin' On Obama? (5:24)

Jets' Dustin Keller talks best New York hot dog, Rex, dunking on Obama and Super Bowl. (5:24)

New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller recently sat down with "First Take" host Dana Jacobson to discuss his "I Eight One" column that appears online for The New York Times.

For those who've already seen the item I wrote Tuesday about Keller's side job as a food critic, don't fret. They tackled other topics, too.

Keller gave his thoughts on the 2014 Super Bowl being awarded to the new Meadowlands stadium, reported Kris Jenkins is winning the Rex Ryan weight-loss challenge, called Santonio Holmes a "silent assassin" and wondered out loud whether it would be kosher to posterize Barack Obama.

"Would you get in trouble if you dunked on the president?" Keller asked Jacobson. "You think security would grab their guns for a second?"

Keller then turned to the camera.

"I'm not saying I would dunk on you, Barack," Keller declared, "but I could."