Jets pull ahead of Pats in 'Madden' ratings

At the risk of opening myself to ridicule from AFC South constable Paul Kuharsky, who views video games with the same affection as pocket lint, I thought my readers would be interested to see how their favorite teams will be rated in "Madden NFL 11," which comes out in August.

GameSpot.com reported all of the team rankings.

The New York Jets edged out the New England Patriots for the best AFC East score, while the Buffalo Bills are scraping the bottom of the league.

The Jets scored an 89. That's fourth best in the NFL behind the New Orleans Saints (92), Indianapolis Colts (91) and Baltimore Ravens (90).

EA Sports nudged the Jets one point higher than they were in "Madden NFL 10," when they were tied with the Patriots as the division's best. The Patriots have dipped two points to 86, ranking them eighth in the league and fourth in the AFC.

The Miami Dolphins actually improved to a 79, two points higher than they were in "Madden NFL 10" despite missing the playoffs last season. Adding receiver Brandon Marshall and inside linebacker Karlos Dansby will do that.

Gamers having a rough day and eager to pummel a hapless opponent will be dialing up the Bills this year.

EA Sports rated the Bills a 67, one point higher the St. Louis Rams at the bottom of the NFL. The Bills were lowered four points from last year's edition. Only two other teams, the Arizona Cardinals (minus-8) and Philadelphia Eagles (minus-6) dropped farther.

For those into joysticks and turbo buttons, be sure to check out Jon Robinson's blog, "The Gamer," on ESPN.com. Robinson has been posting all sorts of "Madden NFL 11" updates, including an sneak preview of a new feature that will allow you to scout online opponents.