Jason Taylor's act baffles ex-Redskins teammate

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Jason Taylor's departure from the Washington Redskins has at least one of his former teammates scratching his noggin -- and it has nothing to do with the team's decision to cut him.

The Redskins cut Taylor on Monday after they failed to reach an agreement over how involved he needed to be in their offseason program. He was due a $500,000 workout bonus in addition to an $8 million salary.

Taylor preferred to spend the offseason with his family in South Florida. The Redskins wanted him in Ashburn, Va., so they whacked the six-time Pro Bowler.

The Miami Dolphins are chuckling about this. Taylor infamously chose to take part in "Dancing With the Stars" last year rather than get involved in Bill Parcells' offseason program.

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is bewildered Taylor could blow off all that money.

Under the headline "JT hates money" on his official blog, Cooley writes:

You would really have to hate to be somewhere to turn down ten million dollars for the next ten months of work. I mean, I know Miami is pretty nice, but just go ahead and make that much money while you still can and then retire anywhere you want. Hell, I would go play in Russia for 10,000,000. I would pack my bags and fly out tomorrow, "I'll see ya in February."

Also from Cooley's blog:

Had he arrived and worked for the 39 days he would have been compensated $12,820 per day. That is unreal to me! Most people pay their own money to go to the gym, but almost 13 thousand dollars a day is a pretty good membership in the other direction. ... I will be required to make 42 days to reach my bonus. I again would receive a check grossing $100,000. This would pay me $2,300 per workout. Still pretty awesome and enough to get me into the gym.