Williams wishes more Dolphins meditated

DAVIE, Fla. -- Given all the benefits Ricky Williams derives from meditation, the Miami Dolphins running back wishes more of his teammates would him join him.

Williams believes the Dolphins would be a better team if more of them meditated, as I did in a small group with Williams on Wednesday night. He does it every morning, before practices and before he heads to the stadium on game days.

Because of the stigma and intimidatingly exotic concepts associated with meditation, he knows not to push it. But he gladly will teach those who approach him.

Dolphins fullback Lousaka Polite, who helps clear paths for Williams, is one of the players who is finding clarity through meditation.

While it's difficult to overcome the stereotypes, he reasoned a pregame meditation session wouldn't be much different than Christian prayer study, common in the NFL.

"It's almost to the point where I think of the parallels of the football team," Williams said. "Being one of the older guys on the team, [football operations Bill Parcells and head coach Tony Sparano] are expecting me to be more of a leader.

"What Tony says is sometimes you have to put the bull's-eye on your back and not care what other people are saying. I know that the way that I've done things on the field and off the field, especially these last couple years, has transformed my life incredibly.

"For me not to share that with people I know I would feel like I'm keeping it for myself."

Considering the seasons Williams and Polite are coming off of, I'm mildly surprised Parcells and Sparano haven't made meditation mandatory for the organization.