Can young QB Edwards handle Owens' antics?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards is in that NFL "tweener" stage. He has played two seasons. He's not a rookie, but the term "veteran" doesn't seem to apply quite yet.

Edwards has played in 24 games and started 23. He has experienced a fair share in his short time in the league, but he hasn't been exposed to anything like Terrell Owens, who signed a one-year deal with the Bills on Saturday.

The most turbulence Edwards has endured stemmed from his competition with J.P. Losman.

He never has had his sexual preference publicly questioned or his competitive drive ridiculed. He hasn't had a receiver shriek at him on the sidelines in full view of the cameras and fans. He never has been accused of a conspiracy to not distribute the ball to a specific receiver.

Good luck, Trent.

Because Edwards is young and still developing into a game-worn starter, I figured it would be appropriate to review the ages of the quarterbacks who have been exposed to -- and quickly grew tired of -- Owens' act in the past.

Here are the ages of Owens' quarterbacks on the date they started their first game together:

Owens' past three quarterbacks have been glad to see him leave, and each of them was older and wiser than Edwards.

Their relationship will be pivotal to how well the Owens move plays out in Buffalo. But based on the receiver's me-first track record, Edwards will be the one doing all the work to make sure everybody stays happy.