Joyner: Maybe Revis not worth the money

KC Joyner took some heat after proclaiming in a recent "Contrarian Thoughts" column on ESPN Insider the New York Jets wouldn't miss cornerback Darrelle Revis as much as everyone thinks.

Joyner asserted Rex Ryan's defense is cornerback-friendly and the Jets have adequate depth at the position. Joyner contended there wouldn't be a significant enough dropoff from RevisInsider to an assembly of Antonio Cromartie, Dwight Lowery and first-round pick Kyle Wilson to justify the monster contract Revis seeks.

Revis wants a bigger contract than the obscene deal the Oakland Raiders gave Nnamdi Asomugha, who will average about $16 million over the next couple years.

Readers bombarded Joyner with rebukes over his stance. He responded ThursdayInsider.

Joyner mentions further supports for his platform, including the Jets toying with the idea of using eight defensive backs in one exotic scheme. That sure sounds like a team with some serious depth.

Joyner then goes on to explain how other elite cornerbacks, including Asomugha and Nate Clements, slipped after signing their big contracts.

"These are two of the most respected players in the NFL," Joyner writes, "and even they weren't immune to the negative effects that signing a record-breaking deal can have on a player's motivation. I'll bet dimes to dollars that the Jets management is concerned about the very same thing happening with Revis and that is why is they are trying to keep him playing for that contract for as long as they possibly can."