Where do '07 Brady, '84 Marino rank?

Cold, Hard Football Facts recently reviewed the greatest passing seasons in NFL history and, applying their principles, ranked them in magnitude.

Tom Brady's 2007? Eighth.

Dan Marino's 1984? Sixth.

No mention of Browning Nagle, but there are a few surprises on the list. For instance, Brett Favre is nowhere to be found.

The process for ranking the seasons is explained as such:

We go beyond just the regular-season numbers and the regular old ways of looking at big-volume passing stats. Instead, we considered those seasons that were more than just spectacular, but filled by the coldly efficient passing performances that also produce big scores, plenty of victories and, more often than not, world championships, too.

The folks at Cold Hard Football Facts give more weight to efficiency and percentage stats over monstrous totals. They also gave consideration to whether those prolific campaigns brought postseason success.

That would explain why Brady's and Marino's finest seasons didn't rank higher.