Taylor reserved about Fins, not so much on Jets

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Jason Taylor isn't too keen on joining the New York Jets.

For the second time in 10 days, the free-agent pass rusher met with reporters at a Jason Taylor Foundation event and discussed what teams he might sign with.

He and the Miami Dolphins are feeling each other out. We know he's flattered the New England Patriots want him. Beyond that, Taylor said he doesn't have a wish list.

"There are a few teams that are not on the list," Taylor explained while taking a break from a two-day football camp for local boys and girls. "We can all figure out which ones those are, but I have no top three."

Taylor was asked about the Jets, a team for which he hasn't hidden his disdain over the years. Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero reported the Jets have shown "significant interest" in Taylor, who spent 11 years with the Dolphins.

"It'd be very, very, very difficult. Very difficult," Taylor said with a grin. "But at the end of the day, if you can't find a job anywhere else and the Jets call, I guess you've got to retire or go play."

If being an AFC East rival matters, then why would it be any easier to play for the Patriots?

"The Jets are the Jets," Taylor said. "I've had a lot of history saying bad things about Jets fans. The fireman hat guy [Fireman Ed], and all of the people in New York that are Jets fans are not the ones that are working on Wall Street. I've said all of those things. So I've got to leave it at that."