Maroney on Jets: 'Ain't time to be funny'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots running back Laurence Maroney claimed he won't flip on HBO to catch Wednesday night's season premier of "Hard Knocks" with the New York Jets.

"I couldn't care less about the Jets," Maroney told a small group of reporters after Wednesday morning's practice against the New Orleans Saints outside Gillette Stadium. "I'm focusing on my team.

"Me watching them, how's that going to help me?"

It might be funny, Boston Herald writer Ian R. Rapoport noted.

"Right now ain't time to be funny," Maroney shot back. "Right now is time to get business done."

Indifference was the general sentiment among Patriots players, who are well-coached on the field and in dealing with the media. Nobody was willing to give any credence to the Jets' boisterous offseason.

"They feel like they got it," Maroney said. "That's their own opinion on it, but the good thing is we've got to play.

"If football was determined on paper stats, a lot of teams probably would've won. The great thing about it is, we got to come out every Sunday and perform."

Saints head coach Sean Payton expressed high respect for what Ryan has accomplished in one season.

"He's got a confidence about him," Payton said. "That certainly rubs off on his team. I think he's a good football coach, and in a very short time he's got a team believing and playing very well. He's done a great job.

"A year ago I had to do a short piece for Sports Illustrated. I projected the Jets to have a good season, and sure enough they did. I think he's a guy that's always been respected as a head coach."