Expert sides with Henne over Sanchez

Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson provides some of my favorite observations about the game. His evaluations are not only educated, but he delivers them in an insightful way.

That's why I wanted to share thoughts he expressed on Chad Henne versus Mark Sanchez in Wednesday's edition of Training Camp Chatter Live, the seemingly eternal chat on ESPN.com.

Williamson's breakdown was triggered by a question of whose future he liked better, an answer that should be no surprise to frequent visitors to the AFC East blog. Williamson and I have debated this a few times.

"Henne. By far. Not even close," Williamson replied. "Would rather have him for this season and certainly for the long term. Way better skills. Way better arm. Love his toughness. Henne is about to be a star. Haven't seen anything from Sanchez yet to indicate the same thing.

"Sanchez is the reason that I won't pick NYJ as a playoff team this year."

Chat moderator Steve Fox, sensing a strong riff ahead, prodded Williamson about why Sanchez doesn't measure up to Henne.

"Doesn't have close to the physical tools," Williamson said. "Henne can drop back, stand strong in the pocket, stare down a heavy rush as he goes through his progressions and make any throw asked of him.

"Sanchez's arm will never allow him to do that, especially in the weather late in the season for the Jets in that area of the country. Sanchez may develop into an efficient and accurate guy who can keep an offense moving with quick throws and designed QB movement, but he will never be that true thrower.

"Henne will threaten the defense at every level and will be much more difficult to prepare for. Shows the toughness to deliver the ball and the guts to try the tough throw. He can be my QB any time. And he is just a puppy -- as is Sanchez, granted."

Williamson added if the Indianapolis Colts had stuck with their starters in the penultimate regular-season game, then the Jets likely wouldn't have gone to the postseason, and we'd be viewing Sanchez much differently.

Valid point there, but that doesn't mean Sanchez's postseason experience didn't happen. He did go 2-1 on the road, regardless of how much Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer limited Sanchez's involvement.

"Not even saying it was a fluke," Williamson said in response to a chatter's comment. "But they got a break or two for sure. Plus -- and I did pick NYJ in both of their playoff wins -- but I thought Cincy and San Diego were ideal teams for them to play. Indy isn't. The Jets can't score with teams like Indy. They know it and went out and got a guy like Santonio Holmes. But still, QB is a problem until I see otherwise."