Caption this: What gives on Jets sideline?

Give us your best caption for this sideline interaction between Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and head coach Rex Ryan. EA Sports

Time for an encore.

A week ago, I asked you to caption a photo of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan from training camp. You've submitted more than 920 responses so far, an incredible number.

Then, on Wednesday night's season premier of "Hard Knocks," you saw Ryan react to your comments when they were projected onto a screen during a coaches' meeting. Nobody laughs harder at Ryan than he does.

Now that you know there's a chance Ryan actually will see your suggestions, let's give it another shot.

In honor of "Madden NFL 11" hitting store shelves this week, give some thought to this sideline scene between Ryan and second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Also, there is a factual error in this photo. Study it and tell me what you think it is. I'll drop by Friday morning to let you know what I was referring to.

Be clean.

Be funny.