Ginn acutely aware of Dolfan displeasure

Former Miami Dolphins receiver/returner/pariah Ted Ginn isn't above Googling himself to see what people say about him.

"You could check a lot of things out over the Internet," Ginn told NFC West blogger Mike Sando. "There are a lot of things on there when you type 'Ted Ginn Jr.' Through the offseason and just times when you are alone, you go and look at different things like that and you see what some people think about you and what some people don't think about it. 'Inconsistent' is one of the words that is out here about me, and I don't like that. So I just try to go out every day and just try to get better."

I doubt "inconsistent" was the worst adjective Ginn encountered.

Sando is reporting from San Francisco 49ers camp, where Ginn is trying to find a fresh start. Ginn was a bust with the Dolphins. He was the ninth overall draft pick in 2007, an obnoxiously bad draft class for the Dolphins. Bill Parcells came aboard later that year and fired general manager Randy Mueller and head coach Cam Cameron.

Ginn turned in some high-wattage plays here and there. He was the main reason the Dolphins went 2-0 against the New York Jets last year. But he mostly was aggravating to watch. He dropped passes, turtled to avoid contact, ran out of bounds rather than fight for yardage.

Miami traded him to San Francisco for a fifth-round draft pick in April.

"You can't get mad at a fan who loves Miami that has been down there for 40 years and understands the tradition, just like you can't get mad at a fan who knows San Francisco," Ginn said. "They want something out of you that they expect that you should do. It means I have to go out and give it to them."