Dolphins could stand to upgrade both corners

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
While much of the pre-draft focus for the Miami Dolphins has been on their need for a No. 1 receiver, there's no disputing they also crave help at cornerback.

The Dolphins need a young cornerback they can groom and rely upon rather than cycle through retread veterans as they have over the past few years.

The presumption is that the hole's on the right side, where the Dolphins lost Andre Goodman to free agency and signed Eric Green, the former Arizona Cardinal. Green hasn't exactly been a lockdown performer and lost his starting job in the second half of last season.

Conventional wisdom maintains left cornerback Will Allen is just fine, but ESPN Stats & Information has some numbers that indicate the Dolphins could stand to upgrade there, too.

The Dolphins allowed an NFL-high 1,719 yards on passes to the right side of the field -- the defense's left side. Part of this could be attributed to the Dolphins trusting Allen in single coverage and rolling help to Goodman, but they surrendered 572 fewer yards to the other side of the field.

Here are the most passing yards allowed to a defense's left side:

In a previous blog, I wrote that KC Joyner thought the Dolphins' secondary suffered a blow when it lost Goodman.

Among corners who faced 30 or more passes last year, Green ranked ninth-worst at 9.3 yards allowed per attempt. Goodman gave up 6.7 yards per attempt, Miami's stingiest average.