Ryan perturbed with Dungy's criticism

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan called Tony Dungy and left a message to invite him to training camp.

That was Ryan's response upon learning Dungy had publicly scolded him for foul language. Dungy, making an appearance Monday on the "Dan Patrick Show," claimed he wouldn't hire Ryan because of the way he spoke in last week's season premiere of "Hard Knocks."

"I've been a big admirer of Tony Dungy, and I'm sure a lot of people are," Ryan told reporters Wednesday, "but he unfairly judged me, and that was disappointing to me."

Ryan said he invited Dungy to camp to "spend some time with me and the organization, and maybe he'll have a different take on it."

Dungy was offended enough by Ryan's colorful use of various four-letter words that he advocated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell get involved to protect the league's image. Dungy also said he wouldn't hire Ryan to coach his players.

"I personally don't want my players to be around that," Dungy said. "I don't want to be around that. It's hard for me to be around that, and if I were in charge, no, I wouldn't hire someone like that.

"Now, I've been around F-bombs, so it's not like it's new. But I just don't think that has to be part of your every-minute, everyday vocabulary to get your points across."

Ryan was dismayed with Dungy's reaction.

"I'm always going to be myself, and I'm a good person," Ryan said. "Just because somebody cusses doesn't make him a bad person. Just because a guy doesn't cuss doesn't make him a good person. I'll stand by my merits."