Bell: Brown bounces back from bad break

There was no shortage of material for ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell to discuss with Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown.

Brown must have one of the NFL's thickest medical charts. He has suffered a pair of season-ending injuries: right knee in 2007 and right foot last year. He missed three games in 2006 because of a broken left hand. A sprained thumb limited his preseason in 2008.

Brown suffered a Lisfranc fracture in his right foot and missed the final seven games last season. The break requires stabilizing surgery and can lead to tricky recoveries.

Bell attended a recent Dolphins practice and shared her thoughts on Brown:

I saw him move fluidly both during position drills and 11-on-11. One play in particular caught my eye. Brown caught a simple screen pass and then made a sharp dodge to evade a defender (and yes, he made him miss). That move allowed him to burst forward untouched and he continued to run out the play for extra yards, even after the whistle blew. In fact, every time Brown touched the ball, he added an extra 20 or 30 yards of running after the play was dead. That combination of mobility, speed and intensity is something that was not quite there when I visited him in 2008 training camp following his ACL reconstruction.

"I had to deal with [the ACL] pretty much throughout the season," he told Bell, "but with this I feel like I'm already over it and I'm just ready to get going. Ready for games to start."

Bell also asked Brown about his reputation for being injury-prone.

"One of the motivating factors, unfortunately, is people kind of doubt you," Brown said. "You feel like you have a little bit to prove. I feel like I'm one of the best running backs in the league as long as I stay healthy, but the key part of that is staying healthy and being in for each game."