Amish draft expert offers fearless predictions

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- I just set up my equipment in the Buffalo Bills' media center after making the three-hour drive along I-90 from my parents' home in rural Ohio.

Before I hit the road, I had another chance to check in with Eli Yoder, the Amish draft expert I told you about Friday. Yoder stopped tending to his plow horses long enough to impart a few predictions.

  • The New England Patriots won't find a willing trade partner to move into the top 10 picks in the draft. He gave an over/under on Patriots trades this weekend at 3 1/2.

  • The Bills won't get a tackle they want with the No. 11 pick and it shouldn't be a surprise if they do not draft Jason Peters' replacement with either of their first-round picks.

  • Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis will be the steal of the draft.

  • Twitter won't catch on.

  • Connecticut cornerback Darius Butler will be an early second-round pick for the Patriots.

  • The Tony Gonzalez trade will cause Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew to slip to the Bills at No. 28.

  • The Miami Dolphins will ignore their need for another receiver and go defense in the first round.

  • The New York Jets will not draft Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman.

  • Neither the Dolphins nor the Jets will select a receiver in the first round unless they trade up.