Vikings regretting Favre-to-Jets a little more

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Maybe the Minnesota Vikings wouldn't mind parting with their next three first-round draft picks for Brett Favre.

Then again, maybe that wouldn't be enough for the New York Jets anyway.

News out of Baltimore is that Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson injured his right knee in the first quarter of tonight's preseason game against the Ravens.

Speculation was plentiful about Favre heading to the Vikings when he un-retired and tried to squirm out of his Green Bay Packers contract. The Vikings wanted Favre, too. A proven quarterback is the last tool they need to be a complete team.

The Packers, of course, held firm and refused to release Favre -- mainly because they might have to face him at least twice a year, knowing he wanted to stay in the NFC North.

So when the Packers shipped him as far away as possible, to an AFC team they could meet this season only in the Super Bowl, they insisted on a clause in the trade to prevent a switcheroo.

The Jets, if they were to trade Favre to an NFC North team, would have to send the Packers three first-round draft picks as additional compensation.

Favre looked pretty sharp in his Jets debut, completing five of six passes for 48 yards and a touchdown on his two drives against the Washington Redskins.