Hearty reception for Sanchez in NYC

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- Just a quick word on the Jets' huge trade for Mark Sanchez and then I'll turn it back over to AFC East blogger Tim Graham.

In my three years of covering the draft from Radio City Music Hall, that's the loudest I've ever heard it. When a trade was announced, I could feel the building vibrating from my spot in the basement. And now I'm glad Sanchez chose to stay home. He may have been a little more restrained had he been here at Radio City. In Los Angeles, he celebrated like a kid.

Quick aside: Are you at least a little bit surprised Sanchez didn't rip off his shirt? We all went to college with that one guy who constantly had his shirt off (Scott Rogers at Baylor) -- and Sanchez is that guy at USC.

Anyway, let's put this trade in perspective. The Jets gave up a quarterback (Brett Ratliff) who wasn't blowing anyone away and two former Cowboys players. Safety Abram Elam is a nice story because of his tough background, but he's not a front-line player. And Kenyon Coleman is just a guy. They called him "The Strong Dog" in Dallas, but he's only good for three or four sacks per season -- at best.

And if you truly think Sanchez is a franchise quarterback, why not give up that 53rd pick? Just a couple of weeks ago, the Jets were thinking about giving up that pick to sign Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. No offense to Austin (who has huge potential), but the Jets made the wise move.

Now, can someone tell me who Sanchez is supposed to throw to?