Cowlishaw still confident in Revis report

Dallas Morning News columnist and "Around the Horn" raconteur Tim Cowlishaw roiled the Darrelle Revis waters Sunday by tweeting the New York Jets were on the verge of signing Revis to a new contract. Cowlishaw even specified the deal likely would come down Wednesday.

Despite instantaneous reports Cowlishaw's bulletin was false and theories he must have gotten his wires crossed with Jets center Nick Mangold's pending extension, Cowlishaw is standing by his source and posted a followup item Monday morning on the Dallas Morning News site.

In the afternoon, Cowlishaw was a guest of "McDonald and Tierney" on ESPN 1050 in New York.

Cowlishaw explained he came across the information without looking for it:

"This kind of came up out of the blue. It came from somebody I've talked to before and who has been very right about everything. The only oddity was I was originally told it will happen probably Wednesday or Saturday. 'Wednesday or Saturday' seemed odd, and it's three days apart. So there was one other aspect to it that I needed to check, and when I did that Saturday didn't really make any sense to me, at least. But Wednesday made a lot of sense, and that seemed to be the case. So I tweeted that it probably would happen Wednesday, and a lot of people are counting on it happening on Wednesday. I think it's going to."