Marino: Henne has 'legit, big-time arm'

New York Post media reporter Justin Terranova caught up with CBS Sports analyst Dan Marino and got his take on the Miami Dolphins' outlook for 2010.

Marino mentioned the hiring of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan as a reason to consider the Dolphins a strong candidate to compete with the New England Patriots and New York Jets for the AFC East crown.

"I think they are going to be a very solid football team, a little bit under the radar. A lot of people are talking about the Patriots and Jets in the AFC East, but the Dolphins had a solid football team last year. They changed defensive coordinators and to me, the question is if they can get a pass rush, which to me they really didn't have last year."

Marino also shared his thoughts on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne compared to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"Henne has a little more experience. They are two different kinds of quarterbacks. Henne is the type that stands in the pocket, while the Jets like to move Mark around some. I've never seen Mark throw in person, but I have seen Chad and he has a legit, big-time arm. He can make all the throws in the NFL. I am sure Mark Sanchez is the same way, even though I haven’t seen him throw in person."