'MNF' gang predicts AFC East wins, losses

AFC East More Or Less (2:11)

Jon and Jaws make their predictions for the AFC East this season. (2:11)

In a video segment called "More or Less," the Monday night crew gives some predictions for the AFC East.

Will the New York Jets win more or less than 10 games?

Jon Gruden says more: "Too many high-profile, great players. And if they don't win more than 10 games, they got a lot of explaining to do."

Ron Jaworski says more: "I'm with you. I think they'll win more than 10 games. I really like the acquisition of Santonio Holmes. Mark Sanchez now has that go-to receiver that can give him the explosive plays."

Will the New England Patriots win more or less than 10 games?

Gruden predicts 10 on the dot: "That's the number. Tom Brady is going to win 10 with any team. I thin they got a lot of young guys that have to step up quick, and it's not going to be easy."

Jaworski says less: "When you see this football team, they're going through a transition right now. You have Tom Brady. You have some mixing of the offensive line, per se. They've got to find themselves a couple young tight ends. It's going to take some time to assimilate those young guys in the offense."

Will the Miami Dolphins win more or less than nine games?

Jaworski predicts exactly nine: "That could really elevate if Chad Henne comes through. There's some weapons on that football team right now. Brandon Marshall gives Henne that go-to receiver every quarterback loves to have."

Gruden says less: "I like the acquisitions of [Karlos] Dansby and Marshall. Little bit less than nine. The young quarterback's got to play in a tough division."

Will the Buffalo Bills win more or less than five games?

Jaworski says less: "Chan Gailey needs a little bit of time to get his type of players in that organizations."

Gruden technically doesn't give a prediction: "They're just not as good as these other teams in this league is how I see it, Jaws. C.J. Spiller, though, he's the best player in this year's draft."