Are 22 QBs better than Sanchez, Henne?

ESPN.com's John Clayton has sorted out the NFL's starting quarterbacks from No. 1 through 33 for your debating pleasure.

He breaks them down into three divisions: elite, the Chad Penningtons (strong with a supporting cast, but not great) and hit or miss. He listed 33 quarterbacks because Ben Roethlisberger's suspension will prevent him from being the Pittsburgh Steelers' starter on opening day.

Clayton also gives his percentage likelihood for non-elite quarterback to break into the upper class.

Here's where he placed AFC East quarterbacks:

2. Tom Brady, Patriots: He ranks behind only Peyton Manning. Clayton admits he nearly put Drew Brees in front of Brady, too.

23. Mark Sanchez, Jets: Preseason performances haven't supported the theory, but Clayton believes Santonio Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson will help Sanchez develop. Clayton puts his chances of becoming elite at 50 percent.

25. Chad Henne, Dolphins: Dolfans are going to howl over this one. Not only have they been passionate about Henne having a brighter future than Sanchez, but also they're probably not going to agree with 24 quarterbacks being more preferable. Clayton writes defenses figured Henne out in the second half of the season and reckons Henne has a 45 percent chance of being elite someday.

31. Trent Edwards, Bills: He has looked sharp in the past two preseason games, but that doesn't account for much on Clayton's list. Edwards finished ahead of only Matt Moore and Jake Delhomme. Chances of becoming elite are 0 percent.