Take your fantasy pick: Moss or Johnson?

In the latest installment of ESPN.com's "Great Debate" series, fantasy expert Ken Daube busts out the whuppin stick on AFC South bard Paul Kuharsky.

They deliberated over who will be the best fantasy receiver for 2010, Randy Moss or Andre Johnson.




JohnsonDaube presented Moss' case; Kuharsky took up Johnson's.

I have two fantasy drafts this weekend, and before reading this, I would have gone with Johnson. Not anymore.

Daube points out Johnson outscored Moss by only nine fantasy points last year even though Moss played much of the season with a shoulder injury and with a quarterback coming off reconstructive knee surgery. Meanwhile, the loss of Texans tight end Owen Daniels halfway through the season increased Johnson's output.

It hurts me to my soul to see one of my blogging brothers get torn apart in a debate by a fantasy writer, but I can't ignore the carnage. Kuharsky does rally late, but only because two fantasy experts come to his assistance.

Had this been a barroom brawl, the only reason Daube would end up with any marks on him is because Kuharsky's buddies jumped in to end the stomping.