Bradshaw wishes Rex Ryan would shut up

Terry Bradshaw is as gregarious as they come. He must love New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, right?


ESPNNewYork.com reporter Rich Cimini relayed some strong comments Bradshaw delivered Thursday in his hometown of Shreveport, La.

"He doesn't even play, so it's easy for him to shoot his mouth off," Bradshaw told television station KTBS. "He doesn't make a tackle. He doesn't run a ball. He doesn't make a catch or throw a ball. He just sits over there. Unfortunately, I don't think his players are quite as strong-minded as he is."

Bradshaw, a Hall of Fame quarterback who won four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers, didn't express much confidence that Mark Sanchez could handle it, either. Bradshaw at least was sympathetic to what the young quarterback is dealing with.

"He's putting a lot of pressure on his young quarterback," Bradshaw said of Ryan. "If they can't run the ball, they're going to have to throw it, and they can't pass protect.

"He'll shut up real quick. You know what? I don't like guys like that, OK?"