By any standard, Darrelle Revis a rich dude

How long would it take New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis to earn what you make in a year?

ESPN.com's "Salary Crunch" application has added Revis to its long list of subjects to scrutinize. He joins stars such as LeBron James, Ilya Kovalchuk, Joe Mauer and JaMarcus Russell for a diversion that might ruin your day.

You can plug in your salary (we won't tell anyone) and find out how relatively easy Revis' money is based on his average stat line. I'm not sure if the calculator takes FICA or income generated from stolen office supplies into account.

Using statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, I checked on a few average salaries to give you an idea.

Revis would need to play .06 games to earn as much as the average farmer, who would need to work 296 years to make Revis' average salary.

To make the same as an average casino pit boss, Revis will need to intercept half of a pass.

He will have earned as much as the average funeral director once he has made .28 tackles.

By the time he's done with his first quarter, he will have played long enough to make as much as the average lawyer -- unless that lawyer is Revis' agent.

His first tackle will stack up against the average anesthesiologist's annual pay.

A bartender would need to work 548 years to match Revis' average annual salary.

And compared to a blogger? Well, I couldn't find that on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website because it's not a real job.