Ray Lewis to the Jets: 'Stack your deck'

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis isn't quivering in his cleats about facing the New York Jets on Monday night.


LewisLewis was on a conference call with Jets reporters Thursday and wasn't exactly laudatory about the team or head coach Rex Ryan, his former defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Here's a sampling of Lewis' comments.

On Ryan's confidence:

"The only danger it can be is writing the check that you can't cash. Rex can talk all he wants to. Rex isn't putting on pads. So that's pressure on his players. If it's pressure and his players respond to that then let them respond. At the same time, you put that bull's-eye on your team's head.

"They're doing all this talking. They're in the Super Bowl. OK. Do what you do. Come Monday night no matter what you do, the whistle has got to blow and somebody has to get hit."

On the Jets reaching an agreement with cornerback Darrelle Revis over the weekend:

"I'm just glad he is signed, so there are no excuses. Don't come and say 'Oh, we didn't have Revis.' Have everybody you need to have. Whoever y'all need to go sign, bring them out of retirement, whatever you have to do. Sign whoever you need to sign. Stack your deck and then let's play football."

On the being the opponent for the Jets' first game in their new stadium Monday night:

"It's Game 1 of the 2010 season. If we treat it just like that, then there is no extra added pressure. There is nothing (like) it's their new stadium opening. At the same time, be careful who you ask for to want to play in your stadium. You got what you asked for and we'll be there Monday night."