Feel free to destroy me in fantasy football

The NFL regular season will kick off shortly, yet there's still time to join one more fantasy league.

NFC West potentate Mike Sando assembled the 2010 Blog Network Gridiron Challenge. The open league can accept an infinite number of competitors. AFC North honcho James Walker and I also are participating.

You can match lineups against us and a couple thousand other football enthusiasts. The draft is a snap. All players are available to any team owner. You choose a new lineup each week. That means no waiver wires to comb or trades to negotiate.

There is a salary cap involved, but it took me less than five minutes to assemble a roster (it will be visible when the games start) of two quarterbacks, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a defense. I have a star in every slot and money left over. The twist is that when you add a player, the fluctuating cap hit is locked as long as you keep him on your roster. So owners are rewarded for astute speculation.

But you have to pick the right stars each week if you want a shot at the grand prize: a $2,000 Best Buy gift card. Second place will receive a $1,000 gift card.

Should be fun to mix it up, talk some trash and -- probably in my case -- get humiliated.

Sign up and pile on.