Amani Toomer: Jets 'whistling in graveyard'

Amani Toomer: Alone With Jim Rome (7:00)

Former Giants WR Amani Toomer joins Jim Rome Is Burning to preview the 2010 season for the Jets and Giants (7:00)

"Jim Rome is Burning" beamed retired receiver Amani Toomer onto the show to talk about a variety of topics.

Toomer doesn't like the way the New York Jets have talked themselves into the Super Bowl conversation.

"It's like whistling in the graveyard," Toomer said. "When you're in the graveyard, a little kid, you're a little bit scared. You start whistling to convince yourself there's nothing wrong. I think that's what the Jets are doing. They have a lot of pressure on them, and they feel like if they say just go out there and say what everybody else thinking, it's going to make all their problems will go away.

"But I know there's about 31 other NFL teams that think a little bit differently. And I don't know the last time a team has started off the season talking about winning a Super Bowl has actually done it at the end of the year."

As for New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss' recently reported discontent, Toomer doesn't view that as a harbinger of a bad season.

"There's no motivator like a new contract," Toomer said. "I'll tell you that. Funny, every time somebody has a new contract coming up, they come in shape a little better. They work a little harder. They listen to the coach a little more."