Ken O'Brien: Jets should pass judiciously

ESPN's Jeremy Schaap visited with former New York Jets quarterback Ken O'Brien and former Baltimore Ravens kicker Matt Stover before Monday night's game.

O'Brien gave his take on where the Jets' offense stands with second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"Everything's new when you're a rookie," O'Brien said. "Everything jumps at you, the speed of the game. What they did well, I think they go back and look at it, they ran the ball really well. When you run the ball well and don't turn the ball over and you have a defense that's going to create turnovers for you and you just be consistent, you're going to score a lot of points. You don't want to get into a situation where you try to do too much.

"You want to be able to run the ball and pound it. You want to complete your third-down passes, but then you have the whole play-action-pass game that's going to open up for you. That's where they're going to be their best."